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  • Please use authentic textbooks (new or used) for your classes. Do not photocopy any books or teaching materials without authorization, which may infringe upon the copyrights of the author.
  • 第3階段選課階段截止前課程以[棄選]處理者可退學分費,爾後課程以[退選]處理者,將不退學分費
    Those who drop any enrolled courses before the end of the 3rd Stage will receive a refund of credit fees. Afterwards, students will not be refunded for any course withdrawal.
  • 避免影響系統正常運作,勿使用外掛程式選課,一經監控發現,IP將被鎖定,造成權益損失請自行負責。
    Please do not use any plug-in to process your course enrollment, as it may interrupt normal operation of the online enrollment system. If you do use a plug-in, your IP address will be recorded and you will be held solely responsible for any losses incurred because of this.
  • 為保障同學選課權益,請同學在第一階段選課開始前確認所使用的密碼是否可正確登入選課系統,若密碼有問題請於上班時間電洽61010。
    To protect the interests of enrolling courses, please login the system before the 1st Stage of Course Enrollment to confirm the password is correct, if you have problem with logging into the system please call +886-6-2757575 ext.61010 during office hours.
  • 建議使用PC版網頁瀏覽器,目前無提供行動裝置版網頁選課。
    PC version is suggested currently, we do not provide mobile version of Course Enrollment System.